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LibSuite -- http://www.libsuite.com/
   Libsuite is a Application Service Provider for Library Automation software LibSuite.

Sagebrush Corporation -- http://www.sagebrushcorp.com/
   Offers library automation software, library cataloging services, union catalog, data conversion, MARC records, Winnebago Spectrum, Athena, reading programs, scanners, WebManager.

Integrated Library System Reports -- http://www.ilsr.com/
   An electronic newsletter designed to assist information professionals with integrated library system issues. ILSRs mission is to locate up-to-date IOLS information, provide an IOLS reference database, and track new IOLS industry developments and trends.

Neuton Data Systems -- http://www.neuton.net/
   School library automation products and services. DOS-based.

Church Related Online Software Systems (CROSS Systems) -- http://www.cross-products.com/
   Library 1.7 online cataloging automation software for books, videos, tapes, CDs; and Inventory 1.3 asset management and tracking for clergy, churches, schools, businesses, and personal applications. Windows 3.x/9x/NT.

KLAS, Keystone Library Automation System -- http://www.klas.com/
   Provides full service software, hardware, and support solutions for library automation. KLAS is a fully integrated solution applicable to many types of libraries, particularly those serving geographically diverse patron communities.

Auto-Graphics, Inc. -- http://www.auto-graphics.com/
   Suppliers of library automation software, electronic content management, and electronic publishing solutions, including thelibrarycard.net.

Remote User Authentication in Libraries -- http://library.smc.edu/rpa.htm
   Links to reports on remote authentication in libraries, to software that supports authentication and to user authentication in general. Maintained by Steve Hunt, Santa Monica College Library.

The Library Corporation (TLC) -- http://www.tlcdelivers.com/
   Native Windows NT fully integrated library automation system. Cost effective access to current information technology.

Andrew Osborne's Library Automation Pages -- http://libinfo.com/libauto.html
   Offering information to systems librarians on a variety of library systems and vendors.

ADLIB Information Systems -- http://www.adlibsoft.com/
   Specializes in library management systems and software; archive and records management systems; document management and control systems; membership systems and image database applications.

Cadomel Library Management Systems -- http://home.clara.net/cadomel/index.htm
   Library automation systems for school and other small libraries, including barcode labels and scanners.

Library Automation Management -- http://libraryautomation.com/
   Provides a combination of consulting, implementation, and integration services specifically for the small and medium-sized school, special, or public library.

OCLC WebExpress Service Center -- http://www.oclc.org/webexpress/
   Provides an affordable library tool that creates and customizes an integrated gateway to a library's electronic services. Consolidates resources so patrons find the materials they're seeking with one convenient interface.

ResourceMate -- http://www.resourcemate.com/
   Library cataloging, searching, and circulation software for churches and schools. Windows 3.1/9x.

Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries -- http://www.wiltonlibrary.org/innovate.html
   Highlights examples of effective use of the Internet in the following categories: virtual reference desks, innovative Internet librarians, library e-journals, image maps in public library sites, e-mail subscription newsletters in public libraries, book and reading lists, special collections (exhibits), and online catalogs.

ALICE Library Automation System. -- http://www.softlink.com.au/
   Known as ALICE in Europe and Australia, ANNIE in America, EMBLA in Iceland, and OASIS elsewhere. Particularly strong in school libraries but also in other areas. Vendor is Softlink (Australia).

Softlink Europe Library Automation -- http://www.softlink.co.uk/
   Softlink Europe Library Automation Software, suppliers of the Alice library automation and management software and BookWizard.

Book Systems -- http://www.booksys.com/
   School library catalog system with free MARC record retriever.

Prism Computer Solutions -- http://www.prismcomputer.ca/
   Software automation for schools, public libraries, special libraries, and corporate libraries.

Biblio Tech Review -- http://www.biblio-tech.com/
   Electronic journal covering library automation, software, library computerisation, text retrieval, electronic publishing and digital libraries reviews.

Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. -- http://www.endinfosys.com/
   Developers of Voyager integrated library systems and other library automation products.

Data Research Associates, Inc. -- http://www.dra.com/
   DRA provides library automation systems, electronic networking services and other related services for libraries.

Library automation software by New Generation Technologies Inc. -- http://www.librarysoft.com/
   Library automation software that includes catalog, circulation, OPAC, MARC, and report generator.

EOS International -- http://www.eosintl.com/
   Offers client/server library automation for libraries. Includes demonstration version of software.

VTLS, Inc. -- http://www.vtls.com/
   Produces integrated solutions for managing library collections and creating digital libraries.

CDS/ISIS -- http://www.cds-isis.ca/
   Site of the North American distributor of CDS/ISIS, Unesco's library management software.

Total Knowledge Management -- http://www.tkm.mb.ca/
   TKM is a developer of library maintenance software and internet services.

Sirsi Corporation -- http://www.sirsi.com/
   Library automation, archives, and Z39.50 resources software.

Ex Libris -- http://www.aleph.co.il/
   Developers of ALEPH integrated library system software.

Access-It Software Ltd. -- http://www.accessitsoftware.com/
   Library automation program designed for schools and small businesses with both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

BiblioMondo Inc. -- http://www.bibliomondo.com/
   Vendor that provides software for digital collections for library consortiums.

BookWhere 2000 Cataloging Software -- http://www.bookwhere.com/
   Software package that allows the user to search hundreds of library databases via the Internet and capture MARC records using the Z39.50 protocol. Free evaluation software is available.

MC2 Systems -- http://www.autolib.com/
   Low cost library management solutions for every type of library.

Very Innovative Webpacs -- http://faculty.quinnipiac.edu/libraries/tballard/webpacs.html
   Selection of Innovative Interfaces webpacs that either contain special features or display unusually good design.

Brodart -- http://www.brodart.com/
   Servicing the library community with library management software solutions, data conversion, and cataloging.

Mandarin Library Automation, Inc. -- http://www.mlasolutions.com/
   Software developer and hardware supplier offering Mandarin M3, authority control, web gateway, Z39.50 modules, serials and acquisitions, barcodes, web hosting, union catalog, and data conversion.

PhpMyLibrary -- http://phpmylibrary.sourceforge.net/
   PHP MySQL Library automation application. The program consist of cataloging, circulation, and the webpac module. The programs also has an import export feature.

Libdata.com -- http://demo.libdata.com/
   Fully Internet based library automation system. Does not require any software installation as it works with your browser across the Internet. Mainly for Churches and small private schools. Demonstration site.

Sagebrush Corporation Library Technologies -- http://www.sagebrushcorp.com/tech/
   Internet content management software which helps with focused learning and provides faster Internet access for libraries.

Library Automation Resources -- http://www.mts.net/~automate/resource.html
   Includes systems vendors, listservs, surveys and reviews, and automation relating to specific library functions. Last updated September 2000.

LibSmart -- http://www.geocities.com/libsmartsoftware/
   Automation software aimed at small libraries.

Koha - Open Source Library System -- http://www.koha.org/
   Free Open Source Library System, which has a full catalogue, opac, circulation, member management and acquisitions package.

Open Source Systems for Libraries News -- http://www.oss4lib.org/
   News site for open source systems for libraries.

Greenstone Digital Library Software -- http://www.greenstone.org/english/home.html
   Greenstone is a suite of open-source software for building and distributing digital library collections.

Library Technology Guides -- http://www.librarytechnology.org/
   Guides to library automation in a number of specialized categories.

IS Oxford -- http://www.isoxford.com/
   Information about the Heritage Library Management System.

Innovative Interfaces Inc. -- http://www.iii.com/
   Information about Millennium, a Web and Java library system.

The Library Portal --
   Web access solution for libraries. Allows librarians to monitor, track, and define library policy for internet access. Ties all electronic resources into a single interface.

Automation Trends: ARL Libraries -- http://www.librarytechnology.org/arl.pl
   Listing of systems used by member libraries.

Epixtech UK -- http://www.epixtech.co.uk/
   Supplier of library automation software and systems. With product information and sales.

course/control -- http://coursecontrol.sourceforge.net/
   Reserves management system, with information and free download.

Epixtech -- http://www.epixtech.com/
   Library automation systems, including iPac. Includes product information and support.

DIAKON Systems -- http://diakonsystems.com/
   Providers of PC Card Catalog, a library automation system for smaller libraries. Product information and demo download.

Talis Information -- http://www.talis.co.uk/
   Supplier of computer systems to public and academic libraries in the UK and Ireland. With news, products and services.

Pustaka -- http://www.pustaka.com.my/
   Product information.

Lending Library Software -- http://www.4infovision.com/llsoftware.html
   Library automation software information including features and pricing.

QwikBooks Library Automation System -- http://www.members.cox.net/qwikbooks
   Library automation software using SQL database technology. It will run with both MySQL Server and Microsoft SQL server/MSDE database servers.

Dynix -- http://www.dynix.com/
   Library automation systems, imaging, cataloging and archiving software.

Minisis -- http://www.minisisinc.com/
   Database management software. Product information and support.

Spydus -- http://www.sanderson.net.au/library.htm
   Integrated library automation system designed to meet the needs of today's library, museum, historical society, art gallery, or information resource center.

Libero -- http://www.libero.com.au
   Library Managment System is used in Public and Corporate libraries, Academic as well as Government Libraries. Australian owned and designed.

MyLibrary -- http://dewey.library.nd.edu/mylibrary/
   Open source software for customizable library portals.


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Library System 3.3.5 pop
Manage your library: create inventory cards and set overdue fees.
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000
File Size: 4.56MB
License: Free, $10 to buy


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Book Organizer 3.6
Bring order to your book collection.
OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
File Size: 2.64MB
License: Free to try, $43 to buy





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