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 گروه زبان  انگليسي دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز مستقر دردانشکده پیراپزشکی،   با تعداد ده نفر عضو هیئت علمی یکی ازفعال ترین گروههای  زبان در دانشگاههای  علوم پزشکی کشور می باشد. گروه زبان نه تنها دروس عمومی و تخصصی رشته های  مختلف علوم  پزشکی را ارائه داده بلکه کلاسهائی  نیز جهت  پیشرفت و تقویت زبان برای اساتید  دانشگاه و هم چنین کارمندان  ( کتابدران)  وکلاس  تقویتی امتحانات ورودی کارشناسی ارشد و دکترا را ارائه می نماید.

 دروس زبان عمومی و اختصاصی  ارائه شده در گروه زبان به قرار زیر می باشد.



1. زبان پیش دانشگاهی:  3واحد

2. زبان عمومی یک:  4 واحد ( دانشجویان تمام مقاطع)

3. زبان عمومی 2 :4 واحد ( دانشجویان کارشناسی و مقاطع  بالاتر)

4. زبان تخصصی: در 21 رشته و در 2 يا سه واحد با توجه به رشته تحصیلی دانشجویان

4. نگارش علمی:3  واحد ( دانشجویان پزشکی و دندانپزشکی )

5. زبان ویژه کارشناسی ارشد:2 واحد






            English Language Department was established as a subgroup of the General Groups which included other departments such as: Computer, Persian Literature, physical Training and Islamic Education in 1367. As most of the references in medical sciences and also a lot of medical textbooks are in English, a thorough knowledge of English, especially the reading skill, is a must for students of medical sciences, particularly medical students. In this connection the mission of the English language Department is to equip the students of medical sciences with such knowledge. Due to this necessity and the growth of English language  department both quantitatively  and qualitatively,  the authories of SUMS (Shiraz University of Medical Sciences ) agreed on an independent English Language Department and finally in 1383 this was achieved. This department offers both general, basic and specialized English courses to students of all disciplines at SUMS. The general and basic courses are common for the students of all majors. These are offered through two 4 credit courses called General English I and General English II. Of course, the students who are at an elementary level have to pass another course   which is called Pre-university English.
            In General English I and II, although all language skills are dealt with , the emphasis is on the reading skill since that is what all students are  involved in more in their academic education. In General English I the basic skills of reading such as scanning, skimming , finding the main idea, guessing the meaning of unknown words, etc are taught and practiced and the students are made really to more from bottom-up type of reading to top –d own reading. In General English II which contains more medically academic vocabulary, the students apply and consolidate the  skills they have learned and try to get more independent. Here, top down reading, discoursal markers, etc are more practiced. Having passed these courses, the students get ready to take the specialized courses or ESP (English for Specific Purposes). In ESP courses, the students are exposed to topics and subjects in English from their own disciplines.
 Here, the students get familiar with the kind of terminology used in their own discipline. At the same time the, the reading skills they have learned before are applied and practiced.  
              Finished these courses, the students are expected to read original texts and articles as well as resource books in English without much difficulty. English language Department also offers some English courses for MSc students in different fields. This department has 9 facutlty members, one of whom a full professor, 3 of whom assistant professors, 3 instructors and 2 Ph.D students.    As the courses offered cannot be  covered by the faculty members, alone  there are some freelancers or guest instructors who cooperate with this department. There are two employees, a secretary and a language lab expert, working in this department. The department  has an equipped laboratory with 36 booth, two computers and 2 TVS. In addition, the department library which is now located in the language lab contains a lot of educational books, CDs, video cassessts and tapes for the students to practice and improve their English.
2: Courses  offered by Language Department          
  1. Pre-University English ( For those who score less than 50 percent at University Entrance Exam, konkour)
  2. General English I                      (All students)
  3. General English II                     (All students)
  4. English for the students of Medicine (Medical students )
  5. English for the students of Dentistry  
  6. English for the students of   Nursing and Midwifery  
  7. English for the students of Public Health  
  8. English for the students of Occupational Health   
  9. English for the students of Environmental Health    
  10. English for the students of Nutrition
  11. English for the students of Management I
  12. English for the students of Management II
  13. English for the students of Medical Records II
  14. English for the students of Medical Records III
  15. English for the students of Lab Sciences
  16. English for the students of Radiology
  17.  Academic Writing (Medical and Dentistry students)
  18. English for MSc students (Medical Education )
  19. English for MSc students (Health Economies)
  20. English for MSc students ( Nursing and Midwifery )
  21. English for MSc students (Genetics ) 
  22. English for MSc students (Medical physics )
  23. English for MSc students (Anatomy )
  24. Advanced English (MSc students of Medical Journalism)
  25. English in Medicine ( MSc students of Medical Journalism   )
  26. Academic writing (MSc students of Medical Journalism)
  27. English for the students of physiotherapy
  28. English for the students of speech therapy
  29. English for the students  of occupational therapy
  30. English for the students of  Medical Librarianship

3. English Lecturers 

   3 .1 faculty Members

  • Nasrin Shokrpour ( full professor)
  • Ali Mahbudi (Assistant professor)
  • Farhad Pakdel (Assistant Professor)
  • Shadab Moslehi(Instructor)
  •  Faramarz Aminlari (PhD student )
  • Amir Yosef Farahmandi (PhD student) 
  • Laleh khojasteh(Assistant Professor)
  • Sara Kashefian (Assistant professor)
  • Zahra Shahsavar( Assistant Professor)
  • Seyed Mohammad Jafari(Instructor)
4. Personnel 
       1.Sakineh Sayad (Secretary )
       2. Sepideh Nourinezhad (Translator)
5. Research
       The faculty members do research in different fields of language teaching and testing.
      You can refer to their CVs for more information
6. Equipment
            1. Language laboratory
            2. Educational books, tapes, cassettes
            3. Specialized books and journals 
7. Books prepared by the faculty members
            1. English in Medicine
            2. Reading Science and Medicine in English 
            3. Improving Reading skills
            4. English for the students of  Emergency Care
            5. English for the students of Medical Records I
            6. English for the students of Speech Therapy
            7. English for the students of Environmental Health
            8. English for the students of Health Management
            9. English for the students of Medical Records II
            10.English for the students of Medical Librarianship
            11.English for the students of Laboratory Sciences
            12.English for the students of Medical Records (two year diploma)
            13.English for the students of Optometry
            14.English for the students of Operation Room  



تاریخ آخرین بروزرسانی   :  1396-12-15 10:03        برو بالای صفحه نسخه قابل چاپ