Frequently Asked Questions:


1. can I take “General II” course before “General I”?  

 No, General  I is the perquisite for General II.

2. Can I take”English for medicine (ESP) “before General II?

No, General II is the prerequisite for English II.

3. Can I take “Academic writing“before “English for medicine” (ESP)”?

You can not   take “Academic writing“before “English for medicine” (ESP)” but you can take these two courses together.

4. Can I take any of the English courses in other universities as a guest student?

    No,Only when a student is transferred to Shiraz University, the grade of the English course passed in another university will be accepted.

5. Do you accept the exact grade in the English course after transfer to Shiraz University?

    No, based on the unit of the course in both universities, an equation will be used to reach the adopted score.
















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